Last week in their Science lesson, 7 Endeavour were given the task of creating a bridge. Testing their knowledge of forces and deflection, they had to use paper straws and newspaper to build a bridge that could hold a person’s weight. One team managed to build a bridge which Mrs Simms was able to sit on.

Tahlia, from 7 Endeadvour, tells us about the lesson from her perspective:

‘As we are learning about forces in Science, we did an experiment where we build bridges with newspaper and art straws to show the weight and deflection in bridges. Overall, the lesson was fun because we had to think about how to make it; we only had 50cm of cellotape which meant we had to use our skills to keep it still’.

A big thank you to Mrs Simms and the Science Department for the opportunity for our students to put their theory into practice with the various different practicals completed in Science lessons.

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