Christmas may have been a month ago, but some of our students were fortunate enough to visit the theatre earlier in the month to experience ‘A Christmas Carol’. Bonnie, Year 7, tells us all about the trip:

‘On Wednesday the 9th of January some lucky Year 7 students enjoyed a trip that was like no other. We went to the theatre see one of Dickens’ most famous books: A Christmas Carol. It was a very old theatre – the Old Vic Theatre, London. Founded in 1818, it is now 201 years old. As we walked in, it looked a little like this… From the ceiling, there hung hundreds of gorgeous, Victorian lanterns with candles in, lighting the very unique stage and giving a slight flickering effect. Some lanterns even swung from the ceiling! The staging was like a giant cross with four walkways, and a slightly bigger space in the middle. On each exit of the walkways, there were doorframes that moved up and down. This just gave it an even spookier aura. All the characters were perfectly in sync, and looked like they walked straight out of the Victorian era. Sometimes, they would use little hand bells to play short but sweet Christmas songs. I’m sure that everyone had a tear in their eyes at those points of the show. The opening lines referred back to the original story too. ‘Marley was dead, to begin with. There was no doubt whatever about that’. Overall, it was a spectacular play, with spectacular costumes, spectacular actors and spectacular lighting. It was simply amazing! A big thank you to Mrs Kaufmann-Ward for organising such a special trip.’












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