At the end of June, a number of our amazing Year 7 Accelerated Reader superstars attended the Children’s Book Day at the Norwich School. They were treated to talks by a range of authors. Here, Colette and Imogen tell us all about the day.

Why were you chosen to go?

Imogen: I think I was chosen to go as I believe I am an avid reader.

Colette: I was selected to go because of my love of creative writing and enjoyment in reading.

What did you enjoy and what did the trip involve?

Imogen: The trip involved going to Norwich School where we would be greeted with three talks from very popular authors such as Lisa Thompson and William Hussey. My favourite part of the trip was meeting the authors and getting my books personally signed by my favourite authors!

Colette: The trip involved visiting Norwich School, meeting various authors. The trip also included the opportunity to get our books signed and ask any questions we had. I enjoyed listening to all the authors’ talks as it was very insightful into their writing processes.

Which authors did you see and who was most inspiring and why?

Imogen: The authors we went to go see were: Lisa Thompson, William Hussey and Ross Montgomery, who I thought was interesting as his writing style was a lot like mine.

Colette:  The most inspiring author was Lisa Thompson because she is someone I look up to. Her writing genre is mysteries, which is the style of writing I love to read.

What was the best bit about the trip?

Imogen: The best bit about the trip was getting my books personally signed by the authors!

Colette:  The best bit of the trip was seeing how the authors create the characters, the ideas and the plot then turn them into a book.

Why do you enjoy reading so much and why do you think reading for pleasure is so important?

Imogen: Reading for pleasure is incredibly important as it can help with grammar and spelling but it can also expand your vocabulary.

Colette:  I enjoy reading because it teleports me to a different universe and helps my writing. It also helps feed my imagination, which benefits my mental health.

Who is your favourite author?

Imogen: My favourite author at the moment has to be the great Jonathan Stroud and my favourite book he wrote is actually part of the series Lockwood and Co which has been made into a Netflix series which I would definitely recommend.

Colette:  My favourite authors are Emma Carroll and J.K Rowling because these authors write amazingly good historical and magical books.

What are you planning on reading over the summer?

Imogen: I plan to read the trilogy ‘Bartimaeus’ by Jonathan Stroud.

Colette: Over the holidays I will be reading the second part of Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers as I thought part one, The Fellowship of the Rings, was very good as it was set in Middle Earth, a world I had never heard of but could imagine.

Have you set yourself a target for how many books you would like to read next year or even how many words?

Imogen: I have no limit to the books I would like to read next year but I would like to become a word millionaire!

Colette:  I would like to read 30 books next year but I don’t have target for words!