It’s great to hear about the activities our students take part in outside of school, the skills they learn and the adventures they have. Emma, Year 11, who is part of the Northgate News Team, recently interviewed Head Boy, Milo, to see why he ventured to Egypt in the October half term. It was a fantastic experience by all accounts.

Why did you venture to Egypt? 

I went to Egypt to dive in the Red Sea and complete a further step towards a master diver qualification to further put me in good stead to meet my aspirations of becoming a marine biologist. I completed a survey diver course that involved practical skills like using quadrats, filming both fish and coral wildlife and conducting various survey methods.

Why did you go to Egypt specifically?

As the red sea offers one of the most bio-diverse underwater areas in the whole world, it is an excellent place to be able to complete diving courses that involve the monitoring of underwater biomes. Also, as the ocean world is so unknown, being able to be in an area that delivers so much to study is an incredibly interesting experience.

Could you tell me a bit more about the beach clean-up you were part of? 

As COP-27 was right round the corner (I was in Egypt late October 2022), there were beach clean-ups encouraged by the local people. From the camp I was staying at, we took a 30 minute drive to the town of Quseer and cleaned up the beach there. We all got allocated different types of litter to collect so we could recycle effectively. Scraps of metal, plastic, including cigarette butts which I collected. I picked up approximately 500 cigarette butts on a 30m beach – which shows that it definitely needed picking up.

Here is the before picture on the beach and then after we had completed the litter pick.

Wow, what an amazing and eye-opening experience. Thank you to Emma and Milo for sharing this with us.

Don’t forget, if you have taken part in something outside of school that you think others would like to hear about, please speak to one of the Northgate News Team, who can interview you, or to Miss Theobald.