Every year the Year 9 International Leaders play host to a rather competitive French competition in a Year 7 assembly involving students and staff. Not only is it a battle to win the coveted trophy, but teams are also competing for points Towards the House competition. Bonnie and Tyler, Year 7 tell us all about the competition:

‘Are you smarter than…?’ was a French competition in which the four Houses took part; Rowling, Hawking, Holmes and Attenborough. Hawking team had Mr Russell as their teacher, Rowling had Mr Brett, Holmes had Mr Darlow and Attenborough had Dr Gollop. Students competed to win the amazing French trophy made by Mr Everett. 

All throughout the year so far Year 7 pupils have been learning all the French words used in the competition. For example they were on topics such as food and drinks, animals, objects, colours and adjectives. In the end, Rowling came out victorious with Hawking only one point behind! It was fun taking part, and we are sure that everybody will remember their French words now!

The final results were as follows:

1st: Rowling

2nd: Hawking

3rd: Holmes

4th: Attenborough

A big thank you to the International Leaders, the Year 7s involved in the competition and of course the Languages teachers for organising it.

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