The Summer Exhibition this year was a showcase for experimental and innovative works of art from all of the GCSE Art & Design specifications. Within the gallery a diverse range of art works were creatively knitted together to form our celebration of success from the current Year 11 pupils.

The art work displayed represented a fraction of the work produced over the two years from our pupils. They also showed a diverse and culturally rich body of work accumulated from a range of starting points.

Our aim is to always encourage and promote an independent approach from our pupils and we are delighted at the accomplishments of our emerging young artists.

We at Northgate have a partnership that reflects shared values; the importance of striving to achieve excellence, the value of education and the potential of creative thinking.

We hope all visitors to the Summer Exhibition were inspired by the passion, commitment and creativity on display. Well done once again to all of our talented Yr 11 students for all their hard work and congratulations.

Our exhibition gallery can be viewed here.