On the 13th October 2017, students at Northgate were treated to a visit from Nigel Hinton after winning a prize draw from the School Libraries Association. Pupils from 7G tell us more:

‘Last week, a famous author came in to talk to pupils in Year 7, 8 and 9. The author was Nigel Hinton, author of Buffy, 2die4, The Norris Girls and many more books. He told us how he became an author and the other jobs he has done. Nigel also writes scripts and song lyrics and he talked to us about his life experiences. Most of us found this inspirational and motivating. This man is an amazing author and we are very lucky he came to Northgate!

We also asked him questions such as what was his favourite genre, what other jobs had he done and what inspired him to write his novels (his first novel was Collision Course). We enjoyed his time here and hope he’ll come again!’ – Cassidy 

‘He (Nigel Hinton) was very funny and he told us stories about his school and why he hated it. At the end of his visit he signed our books (or a planner in my case) and I was proud to show everyone that my planner was signed. I was in awe that I got to meet a real author and I really hope more authors come to Northgate.’ – Prisha

‘Nigel Hinton was very humorous when he came. The best part of his visit was when he explained that he doesn’t know exactly how he comes up with the ideas for his books and he compared it to learning how to walk. He also told us that he didn’t like school when he was our age and told us a story from when he was at school when he was hit with a cane six times on the backside! It was a tremendously wonderful visit and we all loved it.’ – Riley B ‘We had the best day ever on Friday 13th because one of the most famous authors came in called Nigel Hinton. His books inspired me in English and most of my other subjects. My favourite is 2die4!‘ – Riley D 




‘He (Nigel Hinton) told us great stories about his past, and how he became the author he is today. His tales gave me great inspiration for creating my own fictional stories. I am looking forward to reading some of his books. It was a great day.’ – Rikki

Nigel’s visit was truly inspirational and has created a real buzz around the school. Pupils are currently writing letters to Mr Hinton, to thank him for an incredibly special morning that brought the power of books alive!

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