Northgate Council – December Bulletin

Northgate Council – December Bulletin

We are pleased to introduce our December bulletin. In our bulletin this month there’s updates about our recycling programmes as well as awards, a look at our GCSE presentation evening and Remembrance service.

We hope that you are able to take some time to have a look at all the goings on at Northgate from the last month and enjoy seeing what we’ve been up to. Please share with your friends and family via our Facebook and twitter pages.

Miss Theobald (School Council Coordinator) + Northgate School Council.

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Author Lisa Thompson visits Northgate

Author Lisa Thompson visits Northgate

We are lucky enough to have a wide variety of authors visit Northgate throughout the year to work with our students – giving talks and workshops to inspire them in their writing. Our Year 7s were treated to a visit recently from Lisa Thompson. Mrs Gill, Head Librarian tells us about this recent visit.


‘As part of summer transition, and the school commitment to reading, every Year 7 student was given a copy of the fabulous book, Rollercoaster Boy. We were delighted to welcome the author of the book, Lisa Thompson, to Northgate on Friday 11th November, who delighted students with her engaging presentation and interactive code breaking mystery. Lisa was highly impressed with the interesting and thoughtful questions asked and was delighted to sign their copies of the book. Students from Scarning Primary and Garvestone Primary also joined us for the presentation. During the afternoon selected Year 7 students were given the opportunity to work alongside Lisa in creative writing workshops. Using sight, sound and object prompts students delivered some intriguing and talented storylines that were then shared with the class.’ 


A number of our Year 7 Northgate News Team members tell us below about their experience of the day:

Georgina: ‘We did a really cool escape room as that was what Lisa Thompson loved and was also one of the main parts in the book. It was very inclusive and everyone had a lot of fun. She told us a lot about herself and showed that even though she is so successful she still had lots of setbacks. She also told us she had wanted to be an author since the age of 10 and has written 10 books.’

 Anna: ‘It was really exciting to have Lisa Thompson come into school. She talked about her past and when she became successful despite being set back quite a few times. I was in the workshop with her in the afternoon and it was really interesting to be able to write a story with her teaching us and giving us ideas. It was a great experience!’

 Christina: ‘When Lisa Thompson came to our school, I was really excited because she made an escape room which was really fun and entertaining. She told us about when she was a little girl and read all different kinds of books and how she wasn’t always an author. In fact, she has become quite an expert in excuses to not write. Now she has finally decided to give it a go and it has turned out amazing. She has now written 10 books!’


Colette: ‘When Lisa Thompson came in, I was so excited!!! Before lunch we had an amazing assembly where we did an interactive escape room filled with clues. She showed us all of her fantastic books and the books she read as a child, such as Charlotte’s Web, Beno and many more. After lunch I had the opportunity to participate in a workshop with her where I learned lots of tips and tricks for writing. I can’t wait to read more of her books!’

A big thank you to Mrs Gill for arranging the visit and to Lisa for coming into Northgate. We know we already have lots of amazing writers amongst our students, and there may have been a few more inspired by the talk and workshop to give it a try!



Year 7 Netball Tournament

Year 7 Netball Tournament

Earlier in the term our Year 7 netball team took part in a tournament against teams from other school. Mrs Green from the PE department said, ‘this year attendance at the netball club has been brilliant especially from the Year 7s. They have competed in one tournament so far with another coming up in the new year. The girls that played in this tournament did very well considering some of them are completely new to the sport since starting high school. Each game the girls showed progression from the last and showed great resilience when some of those games did not result in a win. I look forward to seeing them playing in the new year and throughout their time at Northgate.

Anna, Year 7, was part of the team at the tournament and gives us her perspective on how things went.

‘Not long after the time I joined the school’s netball team, I got the news that there was a netball tournament coming up. The next day the captain told me that I had been selected to go. It was very exciting to be able to go and play against other teams for the first time. In one match I played, I was a goalkeeper and in the other match wing defence. My favourite role is a goal keeper. At the tournament I had a lot of fun and despite the team not doing very well, it was definitely worth going and taking part. As it was our first tournament, I think we all did very well.’

Florence was also part of the team and said, ‘When I joined the school’s team I was excited to hear about the tournament. Even though we didn’t do very well i would say that we tried hard and we learnt a lot, as this was our first tournament. My favourite role to play in is centre and I’m proud of how my teammates performed. It was definitely worth going.’

Isla commented, ‘When I joined the team I was over the moon, finally something I can do after school. Not long after being chosen, we had our first game! Mrs Green chose me to be team captain which made me very proud and ready to do my best. When we got there, we were so excited but also nervous. We did our warm ups and were soon playing our first match. I personally loved playing against all the schools regardless of not doing very well. My favourite position to play in was goal defence. Overall, we played our hardest and had so much fun. Cannot wait to do it again soon!’

Northgate News Team – Interview with Mrs Warrington-Price

Northgate News Team – Interview with Mrs Warrington-Price

Mrs Warrington-Price joined Northgate in September 2022 as our new Cover Manager. She has the opportunity to get to know lots of our pupils when covering their lessons but how much do they know about her? Setaita from our Northgate News Team decided to interview Mrs Warrington-Price and said she ‘found out some very interesting things about the new member of staff at our school’.

What is your all-time dream job?

I always wanted to become a teacher even as a little kid and I looked up to my reception teacher and so that’s what inspired her to become one.

Do you have any personal hobbies?

I love to read, cook and watch rugby.

Who is your biggest role model, someone you look up to?

I would say it’s my father mostly because he was like me – caring, always making a joke and has probably been a big influence on me.

What is your favourite subject to cover?

I would say Maths because it’s very strategic and logical.

Have you ever lived in or visited a country abroad?

I have lived in Portugal and Germany for some time.

If you didn’t do her current job (Cover Manager) at Northgate, what would you like to do as a job?

I would like to run or own a small tea shop or bakery.

If you could teach just one subject what subject it would be?

I think I would teach society and ethics because it’s always up for interpretation unlike some other subjects like Maths.

If you had to move to a different country, out of the UK where would you move to?

I would move to a rocky part of America somewhere off the grid.

What is your favourite sport to watch or play?

I would say rugby. A long time ago I used to play rugby whilst at university (I found this really cool!)

I’m so glad I got the chance to interview Mrs Warrington-Price and have a lovely chat about rugby and the women’s world cup final.

A big thank you to Setaita for asking the questions and to Mrs Warrington-Price for taking the time to meet her.

Celebrating the Class of 2022

Celebrating the Class of 2022

Thursday 17th November saw Northgate welcome back the Class of 2022 for the annual GCSE Presentation Evening. A chance to celebrate the achievements of our former Year 11s and present them with GCSE certificates, subject prizes and community prizes. This evening was even more special, since it was the first time hosting it again after the pandemic.

The evening was hosted by Heads of School, Dr Hone and Mrs Galley who talked fondly of the impact made by the students during their 5 years at Northgate and the extraordinary challenges and disruptions they encountered due to Covid. They had shown true resilience and determination throughout that time in particular. There were photos from their first week at Northgate, through the years and to prom

It was time for some of the GCSE certificates to be awarded along with certificates for those who had made outstanding progress. Mr Lea, former Head of Year, came back especially for the evening and read out the names.

The guest speaker for the evening was former Northgate student Bobby Copping. Bobby spoke of his time at Northgate and the support he received as his football career started to flourish. At a young age, Bobby was dealt some challenges on the pitch in relation to his health and had difficult decisions to make. Each time, he tried to turn the negatives into positives and come back stronger. Despite sadly having to retire from professional football a couple of years ago, after playing for Bury and Peterborough, Bobby has gone on to achieve great things. This includes being interim assistant CEO at Peterborough United FC, the Women’s Team general manager, head of the Schools Initiative, founder and CEO of the registered charity ‘The Bobby Copping Foundation’, supporting young people with their mental health, completing a masters degree in football business and management and currently completing a masters degree in sports directorship. What amazing achievements at such a young age! Bobby ended with some words of advice for the audience – his 5 Bs: be the hardest worker, be resilient, be grateful, be humble and lastly, be a good human being. Bobby’s words were truly inspiring and we are incredibly proud of everything he has gone on to achieve. It shows that with hard work and a positive attitude, the sky’s the limit.

It was then time for the subject prizes. Departments each nominated a student to receive the award and wrote a little piece as to why they were so deserving. There were plenty of cheers, laughs and smiles as winners collected their special trophies from Dr Hone, as Mrs Galley read them out.

Fine Art – Amber S

Drama – Maddison P

English Language – Lewis B

Religious Studies – Maddison F

French – Tommy G

History – Owen B

Music – Abbie B

PE – Jasmine F

Design Technology – Victor C

Photography – Freya M

Spanish – Bethan K

Textiles – Sarah S

Dance – Charlie M

Science – May H

Maths – Rhys T

foot and Nutrition – Taylor M

Graphics – Robyn C

Geography – Fred T

Computer Science – Blake P

Mr Lea then gave his speech to huge cheers and clapping. He said that the year group would always have a special place in his heart, as the first year group he took all the way from Year 8 to 11. He spoke of their hard work and determination throughout the 5 years and how proud we are as a school of what they managed to achieve.

The former Head Girl – Freya M, Deputy Head Girl – Lacey C and Head Boy – Lewis were presented with special awards by Mrs Galley and Dr Hone to thank them for their services to the school. They were great ambassadors for Northgate. A big thank you also to Deputy Head Girl – Prisha B and Deputy Head Boy – Fred T, who were unable to attend.

Finally, there were prizes for Contribution to the Community (Fred T), Dereham Lions Club prize for Services to the School (Freya M), Governors’ prize for Personal Progress (Cassidy W) and the Trustees’ Award for Resilience, presented by Alan Jones, Chair of Trustees (Damien F).

A big thank you to Mrs Bone for organising the evening, to parents and carers for their support of the students and school over the past 5 years, Mrs Galley and Dr Hone for hosting the evening, Bobby Copping for his inspiring talk and staff who supported the evening. Of course, a big thank you also goes to our ex-Year 11s who made the evening so special. We wish the Class of 2022 the best of luck in the future and hope they look back fondly on their time at Northgate.