Elizabeth, Year 7, has been watching Blue Peter from a young age and always wanted to gain a Blue Peter badge. So, about 3 months ago she decided to go onto their website to see how she could gain a badge. She decided to apply for a purple badge which is awarded for sending in a review of a Blue Peter episode. There were all sorts of questions to answer on the application form including, ‘What was your favourite part of the show and why?’, ‘What new thing did you find out about in the show?’, ‘What or who would you like to see appearing on Blue Peter?’ and ‘If you were on Blue Peter, what would you do? Do you have a special skill that you could demonstrate or a hobby you could talk about?’

Elizabeth is football mad and so said she would appear on the show to do a football challenge involving different skills. She would like to see Edan Hazard from Chelsea take part as he is her favourite player from Chelsea.

Elizabeth was a bit worried that she might not gain a badge as it was 3 months ago that she sent in the application, however recently it arrived in the post with a letter too. As a badge owner she can now gain free entry into over 200 Blue Peter Badge attractions around the country such as theme parks, zoos and castles.

Elizabeth now aims to apply for the Blue Peter Diamond badge – we wish her luck in her application.