From 11th to 15th November, Northgate supported National Anti-Bullying Week. The theme for this year was ‘Change Start with Us’ and our Anti-Bulling ambassadors and Well-Being team put together a number of resources to share with our students.

The aim of the week was to highlight to our students the impact that bullying can have and the steps that they can take to make a change if they themselves or someone they know is affected by bullying.

Students had the opportunity to make pledges about how they were going to be part of ‘the change’. Student’s pledges included: “change starts with a simple act of kindness”, “change starts with a smile” and “change starts with inclusion”.


We also had a visit from singer, songwriter and social media influencer Samantha Harvey to help support our message. She performed for our students and then led a presentation and discussion with them about cyberbullying and mental health, including her own personal experiences and tips for dealing with those situations and about staying safe online.



Mrs Holt, the School Council’s Well Being Team Leader said, “it is really important that pupils develop greater confidence to speak out regarding issues related to bullying, and this week gave plenty of opportunities to discuss such issues with their form tutors, as well as allowing pupils time to reflect on what change they could make. It was lovely to see the positive contribution from pupils during the week”.