We’ve already reported on some of the curriculum enhancement day activities in our blog here

Now we find out about some more of the exciting activities and trips that were on offer. First up, paintballing, organised by Mr Lound.

‘Ninety five students chose to take part in this challenging and sometimes painful activity. After a short coach ride to Northwold students and the more competitive members of staff (mainly PE department) changed into camo fatigues ready for some punishment. Everyone was split into four groups and given a safety briefing and clear instructions on what the day will hold. Low level flying jets and transport aircraft from the nearby airbases added to the sense of expectation and battle tension, as the teams went to the battle areas.

From the starting whistle the Year 7’s thought they were on their playstations and let rip with a massive volley of shots painting trees bright red from the sheer number of paintballs. A few nearly emptied their hoppers and had to be more selective with their choice of targets. First casualty was Mr Neale with a shot to the neck; he looked relieved to be out, as he was sure to be a target from the opposition teams

As the games progressed more students walked out of the gaming area babbling away with excitement to anyone they passed. Some had taken hits quickly and realised it was more immersive than anything on a gaming platform. Time in the holding area was spent developing personal plans of survival for the next game.

Different teams competed against each other through the morning, until a break for lunch, where students sat down to a burger, hotdog or jacket potato. It wasn’t long before batteries were recharged and they were up for a few more games.

The last game was in the largest area Combat Paintball had set aside, with ditches, and a mock up helicopter, which provided good cover but was also a focus to attack. In this last game smoke grenades were thrown into the maelstrom and students emptied their hoppers at anything that moved.  Again staff appeared to be targets but didn’t go down without first eliminating members of the opposite team.

The students had an excellent time and were well looked after by Combat Paintball. A big well done to all students for their excellent conduct throughout the day it is always a real buzz seeing some many having a fantastic time. Hope to see some of you again next year.’


Here are some comments from some of the pupils who went on the trip:

Jess said, ‘It was great fun shooting at people, sometimes I was able to shoot back and hit them’.

William commented, ‘I hadn’t done paintballing before. It was very fun but frustrating when the bullets ran out quite quickly and sometimes people still shot at you.’

Noah had some tactics when playing the game and said, ‘when my googles started to steam up I hid in one of the trenches so that I didn’t get shot at!’

Roger enjoyed the trip and remarked, ‘I even managed to shoot Mr Nicholson!’

Mr Tiddy organised a popular trip to Thorpe Park. A few of those who went, tell us about the trip. Finley Collin, Year 8, said. ‘Thorpe Park was Brilliant – even the bus ride was good. I had never been before and would definitely recommend it, it was worth the money! You get to go in a group with your friends and go on as many rides as you like in the time available. All the rides are amazing and after the first ride, I was buzzing with adrenaline. I enjoyed Collossus the most as it had multiple cork screw loops in a row so it meant you went really fast and upside down!

Amelie Thurgill also went along on the trip – here’s what she had to say. ‘It was a very early start at 5.45am. We were on the coach for 3 hours. When we arrived we got our tickets and went to queue up. I was lucky enough to have a fast-track ticket meaning I could skip the queues! The first ride I went on was called the Swarm which was very good. I then went on other rides. We had a break for our lunch then had 2 more hours of ride time. We finished the day by going to the gift shop. On the way back Mr Tiddy let us text his school phone the songs we wanted him to play! It was a great day and I think everyone enjoyed it a lot.’