We’ve already reported on some of the curriculum enhancement day activities in our blogs here and here

Now here’s our last instalment about the exciting activities and trips that were on offer. First up, an overnight trip organised by Mr Guy. Three students, Natasha, Beth and Leah who went on the trip tell us about all the excitement. Natasha said, ‘Pupils from Year 7, 8 and 9 went to Cadbury World and Alton Towers. When we got to Cadbury World we were given chocolate as we entered the exhibit! There was a short walk through area where we then watched a couple of videos about how chocolate is made and why the factory was built. After the tour of the factory we went on the long drive to the youth hostel where we were staying. Once there, we dropped off our stuff and went to eat tea. We were given some free time before lights out at 10pm.’

Leah said, ‘The next morning we travelled to Alton Towers which took us about an hour. Alton Towers was amazing! Each of us went off in little groups – we spent a long time on our own and had to meet back at 3.30pm. Overall it was one of the best trips I’ve been on.’

Beth, Year 8, explains, ‘When we got to Alton Towers, I was with Natasha, Hermarnie and Becca. We got a map and got to go on as many rides as we could before having to meet back with Mr Guy. We got back on the coach – the journey back to Northgate took 3-4 hours. When we got back, all our parents were ready waiting.’

Sounds like a great trip for chocoholics and thrill seekers alike!

Mr Russell took a small group of budding scientists to the UEA for their activity. Jimmy Cockburn, Year 8, tells us about the trip. ‘On the morning of the trip we drove for around 40 mins to reach the UEA. When we arrived we talked to our guides about University and what it was like – it was very interesting. We talked about some of the exciting clubs such as the assassins club who took their inspiration from the game Assassins Creed.

We then started programing the Raspberry Pi robots to move in different shapes and directions and we did this until lunch. After lunch we continued with the robots, I managed to compete most of the tasks including using its motion sensors to travel around the box. Finally we finished with the robots and went for a tour of the university. It was a very exciting day and I think the UEA sounds like a great University. Finally we got on the bus to return to school.’

On top of the activities talked about in our three blogs there was a host of other exciting events going on including a trip to the zoo, plane building, film club, a textiles work shop, cooking and more. Some of these are seen in the photos below.