Ethos & Values

Mission Statement

Unity Education Trust exists to provide high quality education and ensure progress for all our children and young people in both mainstream school settings and alternative provision/specialist academies and services.


Unity Education Trust (UET) is a Multi-Academy Trust built on developing like-minded schools to outstanding through collaborative working that develops a unity of purpose in all that we do.

The Trust sets high expectations in every aspect of our work, providing pupils with the best opportunities through outstanding teaching, the development of 21st century facilities, inspirational leadership and a growth mind-set approach.

We believe that all children and young people:

  •  have the right to be healthy, happy and safe, to be loved and respected and to have high aspirations for their future;
  • should be appropriately supported to make educational progress in line with their peers or their own trajectory of success

and that successful progress not only benefits our young people themselves, but also their schools, families, communities and ultimately our society and economy.

We will ensure that each of our academies maintains their unique identities at the heart of their communities as well as engaging with all partners and stakeholders and other high performing educational organisations.

  •  An unrelenting belief and focus that all students can achieve high standards, whatever their background and life experiences when given a positive climate of support, challenge and the development of Growth Mind-set through outstanding teaching.
  • Committed to the notion of ‘raising aspirations to fulfil potential’ ensuring our learners are encouraged to build confidence, expand their leadership qualities and embrace British values that enable all to thrive in an ever-changing society.
  • All members of our UET are valued for their individuality and nurtured to ensure high levels of success through creative approaches which develop people with a passion for learning, ability to be adaptable and supportive of all within our community.
Underpinning Principles

UET believes in setting high aspirations for all its learners and that all children,
regardless of their background, ability or life experiences, can achieve high
standards and flourish in an outstanding education setting that cares for all.


  • UET academies ensure a growth mind-set for all that does not place limitations on any of its learners and, as a result, learners’ aspirations are high and strongly self-motivated.
  • UET academies operate on the principle ‘Unity of Purpose’ in all that they do supporting each other.
  • UET is a multi-academy trust which recognises that successful academies are built upon the key foundations of:


      • excellent leadership and high expectations, standards and professional effectiveness;
      • an unrelenting focus on raising aspirations and the focus on progress and improvement for all;
      • high standards of behaviour, positive environments and work ethic – “The Unity Way’
      • innovative teaching and learning that is led by active teacher practitioners and researchers and that engages all learners;
      • precise and focused improvement planning that is designed to develop all our academies incorporating cutting-edge developments and succession planning;
      • promoting a positive work life balance for all.
  • UET core education, business, operational and governor services have been designed to effectively challenge and support leadership and management within our academies.
  • UET believes in maintaining local community schools and providing children and their families in those communities with access to those schools.
  • UET is not a selective Trust and we follow the Local Authority admissions criteria.
  • UET is committed to maintaining and developing a high-quality model of alternative/specialist provision for additional needs learners in the eastern region.
  • UET will establish and maintain effective two-way channels of communication between the Trustees and Academy Stakeholder Committees ensuring that the voice of stakeholders is heard, considered and responded to.
  • UET will set up clear lines of support for our academies in terms of accountability, transparency and compliancy.
  • UET is an employer of excellence, providing high level continued professional
    development combined with detailed career development opportunities where all
    feel valued.