Members of our French Ciné Club are always keen to write reviews of recent films they have watched. Their latest review is of the film ‘United Kingdom’.

Le film est au sujet d’un roi sud africain qui devient le premier Président de Botswana. Le film commence pendant qu’il est en Angleterre en train de finir ses études. Il tombe amoureux d’une femme anglaise mais en ce temps-là les marriages de rasses mixtes étaient assez irréguliers. Malgré les obstacles Seretse et Ruth se marient . En retournant à Botswana ils doivent faire face au droit d’aprtheid, les autorités britanniques et une renne qui doit s’adapter à un peuple et une culture différente. C’est un monde qui est en flux. C’est un film de politique, d’amour et de changement. Avec les acteurs magnifiques comme Rosamund Pike, David Oyetokunbo Oyelowo et un paysage impressionant il y a beacoup à admirer dans ce film. Il vaut la peine de le regarder!

The film is about a South African King who becomes the first president of Independent Botswana. The film begins whilst he is in England about to finish his studies. He falls in love with an English girl but at that time mixed race marriages were less common. Despite the obstacles Seretse and Ruth decide to get married. On returning to Botswana they have to confront the problems of apartheid, British political authorities’ and a queen who must adapt to Seretse’s people as well as a different culture. It is a world of flux. It is a film about politics, love, and change. With magnificent actors like Rosemond Pike and David Oyetokunbo Oyelowo and a fabulous landscape this film has a lot to offer. It really is worth watching!

This film is based on a true story. Seretse served 4 terms as President of Botswana. After Seretse’ death in 1980, Ruth continued various charitable works – running women’s clubs, acting as president of the Botswana Red Cross, and being involved with the girl guides. She and Seretse had a daughter and three sons, one of whom, Ian, is now vice-president of Botswana.

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