Mrs Sutcliffe from the Modern Foreign Languages Department runs a film club (CiNé club) on a Tuesday lunch time from 12.30pm – 1.20pm in LA3. It is open to all students. In a nutshell, they bring their lunch, watch films and review them.

Students are able to watch a range of films, some in French with English subtitles and some in English with French subtitles. Members of the film club then write reviews of the films either in French or English. Mrs Sutcliffe said that she likes to include films based on true stories. In this blog we hear about ‘A Beautiful Mind’, starring Russell Crowe.

‘A Beautiful Mind’ is a 2001 American biographical drama film based on the life of John Nash, a Nobel Laureate in Economics. The story begins in Nash’s days as a graduate student at Princeton University. Early in the film, Nash begins to develop paranoid schizophrenia and endures delusional episodes while painfully watching the loss and burden his condition brings on wife Alicia and friends.

Oscar West, Alan Zhang and Jake Bennett (Year 8) give us their review:

‘The film was very good and quite emotional. The story shows how John overcame the challenges in his life and went back to teaching the subject he was passionate about. John was awarded the Noble Peace Prize for his pioneering work in Economic Sciences. The film is based on a true story.’

Alice Morant, Cooper Duncan, Teela Singh and Natalia Apostolou (Year 9) give us their review in French:

‘C’est un très bon film et c’est aussi une vraie histoire. C’était parfois emotionnel. C’est au sujet de la schizophrénie. La personne principale est John Nash et le film raconte les difficultés qu’il a dans sa vie. C’était vraiment superbe!‘

(It’s a very good film which is also a true story. It was emotional at times. It’s about schizophrenia and the main character is John Nash. The film tells about the difficulties he faces in his life. It was really beautiful!)

The students would like to draw attention to the help that is available for those suffering from mental health issues. Mind and Rethink Mental Illness are two charities that provide help and support in this area. World Mental Health Day is on  October 10th 2018.

New members are welcome to join the CiNé club, just see Mrs Sutcliffe – a new film will be starting after half term.

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