Mrs Sutcliffe from the Modern Foreign Languages Department runs a film club (CiNé club) on a Tuesday lunch time from 12.30pm – 1.20pm in LA3. It is open to all students. In a nutshell, they bring their lunch, watch films and review them.

Students are able to watch a range of films, some in French with English subtitles and some in English with French subtitles. Members of the film club then write reviews of the films either in French or English. Mrs Sutcliffe said that she likes to include films based on true stories. In this blog we hear about ‘A Beautiful Mind’, starring Russell Crowe.

Jake Bennett, Evan Woodcock, Alan Zhang and Oscar West give us their review of ‘Lion’ starring Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman in French:

‘Récemment nous avons vu Lion qui était un film émotionnel au sujet d’un petit garçon indien qui s’est perdu et il est arrivé à Calcutta. Il a été renvoyé en Australie et adopté par une famille là-bas. L’histoire raconte son besoin de reconnecter avec sa mère biologique. C’est une vraie histoire et nous avons beaucoup aimé ce film.’

(Recently we saw Lion which was an emotional movie about a little Indian boy who got lost and he ended up in Calcutta. He was set to Australia and adopted by a family there. The story tells of his need to reconnect with his biological mother. It’s a true story and we really liked this movie.) is a charity which supports children who are separated from their families. Over $640,000 has been raised in the past 12 months. This incredible amount of money has gone directly to three charity partners – Childline India Foundation, Railway Children, and Magic Bus – and the funds have enabled each charity to complete projects and undertake initiatives to protect vulnerable children in India. Each charity has also seen a significant rise in the amount of people visiting their website, donating directly and getting involved in projects, ensuring they can continue to assist children like Saroo from the film well into the future.

New members are welcome to join the CiNé club, just see Mrs Sutcliffe – a new film will be starting after half term.

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