Le CiNé Club review their final film of the year in our latest blog. They are looking forward to more films in the Autumn term. If you are interested in joining Le CiNé Club please see Mrs Sutcliffe.

Recently we enjoyed another great film in cinema club. Omar Sy of “Les Intouchables” became the unlikely father of a small baby. He was leading a rather idyllic life driving speedboats and enjoying parties in the sun in the South of France. One day a woman arrived who had a spent a brief amount of time with to present him with a baby he knew nothing about. She passed him the child and departed in a taxi. Samuel sets off for London in search of the woman to hand back the little girl. In the process he develops his parenting skills as a father until 8 years later and the mother comes back……

Samuel coule une petite vie tranquille, au soleil dans le sud de la France loin des responsabilités. Un beau jour, une jeune femme dont il se rappelle vaguement le visage, lui annonce que leur brève idylle à Londres a eu pour conséquence un enfant. En lui donnant la petite fille elle prend le taxi puis s’en va. Samuel décide de la retrouver à Londres pour le lui rendre l’enfant, étant incapable de s’en occupier lui-même. Sans succès, bon gré mal gré, il va apprendre le métier de père et finir par s’attacher à sa petite fille, jusqu’au jour où, huit ans après et la mère revient…….

This is truly a great film. Despite some negative reviews I am so glad we watched this film. Omar Sy was engaging as the dad and Gloria Colston was endearing as the daughter with Antoine Bertrand adding both humour and friendship as Bernie. Uplifting and full of positive energy – sometimes we just need to believe we can do something and we will! Watch it and you will see what I mean.

From all at the Le CiNé Club : Bonnes Vacances !