On Friday 4th November, Year 11 Geography students travelled to Great Yarmouth to carry out their GCSE fieldwork.

They started the day on the north sand dunes, where the focus was to investigate how the dunes are being affected by human activities. Using a range of equipment, the students collected a variety of data, including looking at the height and angles of the dunes and the vegetation cover. The measurements and observations showed some clear areas where humans had had an impact. The trip also gave the students an excellent case study of how sand dunes change from front to back.

After lunch, the group headed into Great Yarmouth town centre. At three different spots, they completed an environmental quality survey, a pedestrian count, and made observations about the town and the opportunities available to visitors and residents. They also had the opportunity to complete questionnaires with members of the public to gather their reasons for visiting Great Yarmouth, and their opinions on the area.


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