Miss Lock from the Art and Design Department explains the GoGo Hares process, from application, to designs, picking a winner and painting the hare.

‘Since the release of the GoGo Dragons for 2016, I knew that I wanted to involve the school in the next Norwich based ‘Wild in Art’ event. In May 2017, I started the ball rolling looking into the pros and cons for different options for the school, whether to take part in the GoGo Create learning trail, or involve us in the artist route. In June 2017 we selected a design by Sophie (currently Year 9) to be entered through the artist route but the competition was tough.

In November 2017, I enrolled us onto the GoGo Create learning programme which we had funded by NEACO (The Network for East Anglian Collaborative Outreach) who aim to work with young people in East Anglia.

In February/March I got together with a group of Year 9 students who decided on a theme for our school hare: Northgate, Norfolk or Nature. We held a design competition where an amazing 110 entries were submitted! These ranged from Uniformed Hares, to Hares looking like other animals (including a cow!), to beautiful seaside scenes. In the end, Mr Mason chose Year 7 Maddison’s design. “Florence” was chosen as the winning design based on how well it fitted the theme, the concept of nature changing through the seasons and how achievable it would be to paint the design onto a 3D sculpture.


When it came to painting, I had 3 strong Year 9 volunteers: Kieran, Ellie and Elle who gave up breaks, lunches, time after school and even some of the Easter holidays. We couldn’t have done it without them!

Now the hare has gone but we are still all excited for the next part, the trail. Florence has already taken pride of place in the ‘Macarons & More’ store in the Royal Arcade, Norwich. In July, students involved in helping the design department and chosen by their head of year, including Maddison and the painters have been offered a visit to Norwich to see the leverets.’

Miss Theobald caught up with Maddison Fleming, Year 7, who came up with the winning design for the leveret to find out a bit more.

– What inspired your design?

Transitions between seasons.  E.g. Spring, Autumn, Summer…

– How would you describe your design to someone else?

I would say it’s blended well and the colours complement each other.

– How did you feel when you found out your design had been chosen for Northgate’s leveret?

I was really happy. At first I didn’t believe I could do it so took the entry lightly but when I found out I’d won I was really proud of myself.

– What are your thoughts on the finished leveret?

It’s turned out really, really well and I think it just looks great. All together I think I’ve done a very modest design that I’m really proud to be the creator of.

– Are you excited to see your leveret on the trail?

Very. I’ve never been privileged enough to have this sort of opportunity before so it is really awesome for the public to be able to see it. I’m looking forward to finding it myself.

– What do you think others will think when they see your design?

Not everyone is going to feel the same way about it but I think it covers a lot of stereotypes when you hear the word ‘nature’ so it will be quite easy to understand when it’s seen hopefully. I want people to know what the inspiration was by just looking at it.

Kieran Tooth, Year 9, got involved with Northgate’s leveret after the winning design had been chosen. Here are his thoughts:

– Why did you want to get involved?

I wanted to do this project as I have not really contributed much towards Northgate so far this year and I wanted to do so creatively.

– What do you think of the final design?

I believe that Maddison’s design is original and shows such a creative flare,

– How did you contribute to the finished leveret?

I helped with the painting of the leveret and gave up multiple lunch times and even came into school to finish it during the Easter holidays.

– What do you think others will think of the finished leveret?

I think that others will look at it and feel a kind of warmish feeling as they scan through the vibrant colours.

– Are you looking forward to seeing the leveret on the trail?

Yes definitely as I would love to see it in the window of a shop being admired by people from all around the globe.

I think you’ll have to agree that a fantastic job has been done by all involved – a big well done. If you’re thinking about taking part in the GoGo Create trail and want to find Northgate’s nature inspired leveret, head over to Macarons & More in the Royal Arcade, owned by our very own Chair of Governors, Dr Tim Kinnaird. The trail takes place from 2nd July – 2nd September all around the city.