Tuesday 19th June 2018 witnessed a large number of talented Norfolk anglers casting into action on Barford Lakes for the second day of the Norfolk School Games Summer Finals.

Over 45 pupils from secondary schools across the Norfolk County including Northgate trio Liam, Brandon and Harry, who came together to compete for the crown of Norfolk School Games Angling Winner 2018; after being worthy qualifiers from their Level 2 School Sports Partnership events. The day started out with sunny intervals, warm temperatures and gentle breeze to welcome our angling finalists for the eagerly anticipated peg draw.

The match witnessed many different approaches to tempt the wide variety of species that live in Barford’s three impressively well kept lakes and it was not long before floats were diving, tips were twitching and the nets were filling with Roach, Rudd, Perch, Bream and one or two Carp.

The quality of the angling developed through out the day thanks to the support provided by Barford Lakes staff and volunteers which was inspiring and excellent. Once again the work especially from Sarah Thomson who works closely with those in the Angling industry ensured all the anglers were rewarded with huge amounts of goodies, bait and tackle for qualifying for today’s event. In addition to these generous goodies, there were amazing prizes, medals and trophies given out to the top three teams, the 6 section winners and our best overall anglers.

In the section event the three lakes were split in half to allow for six section titles to compete for and those winners with an impressive weight of the fish caught overall. Harry who was fishing on the Top Lake won his section with a catch of 7lb 8oz. Unfortunately Liam and Brandon were outdone on their respective lakes by two huge catches 40lb 7oz and 62lb 10oz by other competitors.

In the team competition every SSP had two teams with one angler from each SSP in one of the six sections of the three lakes. The results were recorded by weight from each section and the top weight scored one point, 2nd two points, 3rd three points and so on. The team with the lowest points score were the winners.

Team A for the WDNSSP (Northgate) finished 7th overall out of 16 teams with a combined catch of 8lb 11oz. Team B for the WNDSSpP (Langley) finished in second which improved on last years placings of 9th and 10th.