Over the course of the year there have been a variety of ways students have been able to contribute to the House competition, whether this has been through earning merits, gaining House tokens for being good Northgate citizens, taking part in subject house competitions, House matches in a number of sports or sports day.

This year was truly a year for Hawking to celebrate. Mrs Sutcliffe, Head of House, tells us why:

‘2019 marks the year that Hawking House reign victorious. We have won and with a massive margin! Congratulations!

For two decades we were deflated, defeated and left wondering….. Three years ago we rebranded, renamed ourselves and evolved. Our motto ‘overcome challenges to succeed’ has been our strength, along with our ability to recognise that everyone plays a part in the story of success. Since October 2018 we have dominated the merit competition and all along I have seen commitment from not only the appointed House Captains and Vice Captains from each year group but also through the keen enthusiasm to embrace and encourage engagement with all the competitions as well as recognising collaboration and being part of a team.

A massive shout out to everyone involved in this victory including both staff and students and a special thank you to Mr Stewart, Deputy Head of House, who is leaving us. He has always been a fantastic source of support. Merci Monsieur! Vous allez nous manquer!

Hawking pupils – make sure you enjoy the summer and come back revived and full of energy: “The past is a place of reference, not a place of residence; the past is a place of learning, not of living.” –R T Bennett. A new year awaits with new challenges. Dream big and remain awesome!

Bonnes vacances!’

Mrs Sutcliffe and Mr Stewart

Head and Deputy Head of Hawking House

The formal presentation of the House Cup to the winning House Captains will take place in September.

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