Homework Support

Parents can support us by trying to provide facilities for homework to be done in a quiet atmosphere and at regular times, by periodically examining the work done, checking that everything has been completed and by informing the school if they have any concerns about homework.

All pupils have an individual account on Satchel One (Show My Homework). This is web based platform where teachers set homework and upload resources. The school is then able to efficiently track both the quality and quantity of homework being set. Pupils who wish to do extra work at school are able to use the Library during morning and lunchtime breaks. 

Logging in:
1. Go to satchelone.com/login or open the mobile app
2. Click on “Sign in with Google” (this should be the students school email address)
3. Follow the instructions on the screen to gain access.
If you are already signed into your Google account, you will not need to re-enter your password.

Resetting your child’s login:
Parents are able to view their student’s PIN and help them recover their account.

Open the Satchel One app on your phone or tablet and from the Menu go to Settings > Student management. You will be able to see the student PIN which they can use to reset their details.

The PIN is also visible on the website, right on your dashboard.

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Parents Supporting Distance Learning with Satchel One

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