Back in February students from the top Maths sets in Year 9 and 10 sat the UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge. This is completed by thousands of students across the country and organised by Leeds University. It is made up of 25 multiple choice questions testing student’s knowledge and understanding of a number of different Maths topics but also their problem solving and logic. Tactics also come into play as for some questions marks can be lost for answering them incorrectly but more marks are available if they are correct. So the question is how confident are they that an answer is correct – do they have a go or not?

The Intermediate Maths Challenge is certainly not easy and tests student’s determination and resilience. Northgate students had a practice in class before the day of the challenge to give them an idea of what to expect, however most had previously taken part in the Intermediate or Junior Maths Challenge.

A few weeks passed and the results came in. Well done to Dee Whyte, Millie Gladden-Walke, Ewan Baldwin and Mitchell Palmer who all gained certificates but in particular Mitchell who was ‘Best in Year 9’ and Dee who was ‘Best in Year 10’ and ‘Best in School’!

Thanks go to Mrs Smith from the Maths Department for organising the challenge. We look forward to seeing how the Year 7s and 8s can do in the Junior Maths Challenge in April.

How many of these questions from the challenge can you answer correctly?

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