On the 14th of December, 11 Year 9 girls together with Mrs Sutcliffe and Mr Macdonald visited 4 different Primary Schools in the Unity Education Trust (Garvestone, Beeston, Grove House and Kings Park). This was part of a French project for International Leaders. ClaraBelle and Megan are both International Leaders and tell us what they got up to:

‘The first school we visited was Beeston Primary. We had 3 different groups doing 3 different activities. One was to teach ‘Vive le Vent’ (Jingle Bells in French!), the second group was learning about colours and shapes and the third group was learning about Christmas in France. We repeated the carousel activity at all the 4 schools. Our second school before lunch was Grove House. We returned to school for lunch then headed off to Kings Park and Garvestone in the afternoon.

The pupils really enjoyed the day and it was a great experience for us. Everyone had fun talking French and learning new skills. One of the pupils who went on the trip said: “It was a fantastic day where we were able to work with some fantastic children”. Overall it was a really great experience enjoyed by both students and teachers alike.

Reanna, who is also an International Leader commented, ‘On behalf of all International Leaders involved, it is safe to say we all thoroughly enjoyed this experience. This opportunity benefited both the primary students due to learning new French words and songs, but also benefited the international leaders as we had the opportunity to develop our French, as well as our communication skills. We all look forward to hopefully being able to do this amazing opportunity again!’

Thanks to Mrs Sutcliffe for organising the activities’.

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