Le CiNé Club started off the new academic year with a French film made in 2009 called Micmacs.

As the film was in French, Le CiNé Club members Jack, Harry, Oscar, Jake, Evan, Luke and Alan have written their review in English.

‘The main character is called Bazil (Dany Boon) and he has an unlucky start to life. He has been a victim of weapons manufacturers his entire life. His father was killed by a landmine and his mother is then sectioned when unable to cope, with Bazil subsequently sent off to an orphanage. He escapes the orphanage in the back of a van and we next meet Bazil working in a film hire shop. Not experiencing the greatest luck in life he is then shot by an stray bullet — which is still lodged in his skull. The surgeon tossed a coin to leave it or remove it! Either could have proved fatal. Due to the shooting and subsequent rehabilitation Bazil loses his job and now lives on the streets of Paris, where he encounters Slammer (Jean-Pierre Marielle). Slammer takes him under his wing, introducing him to other outcasts. The group involves an eclectic mix of people who come together to support him and offer skills to ensure justice is achieved. With the help of his new entourage, Bazil devises a plan to exact revenge on the companies that took so much from him and the ultimate outcome is positive and fair.

It was a great film, even if a little quirky in places. A good start to the new season!

Le CiNé Club takes part on Wednesdays in LA3. All are welcome!

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