Learning Support

The aim of the Governors and Staff with responsibility for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities is to help children with any additional needs to have a successful career at Northgate High School.

The Learning Support team give assistance to students in lessons where they find the work particularly challenging, but they also do much more than this. We hope that whether the problem is reading, spelling, handwriting, numeracy or something quite different, we are able to offer help at the right time and in the right way.

Whilst most support is given to students in lessons alongside their peers, the Learning Support team also gives additional help with literacy, numeracy and emotional literacy. They do this within the Learning Support area, where you will find chill out zones, as well as work stations for one to one support.

The school itself has been modified to give level access through to all ground floor classrooms, as well as high visibility markings for those students with visual impairment. All facilities are fully accessible and support is readily available from 8.20am until 4pm in the Learning Support area. Our ethos is fully inclusive and children will receive the help they need without being isolated from their friends.

Support offered:

  • Extensive programme of in-class support from well trained Teaching Assistants
  • Literacy intervention – including one to one reading support and lexia Power Up online support
  • Numeracy intervention
  • Breakfast, break time and lunch social club
  • Small group teaching
  • An open door to all, who need to talk or to rest quietly out of lesson times
  • Behaviour support
  • Emotional support sessions
  • Screening for common learning difficulties

The Team:

Miss Brooks – Head of Learning Support (SENDCO)
Mrs Lacey – SEND Support
Mrs Coller – TA
Mrs Comer – HLTA
Miss Lazenby – TA
Mrs Milne – TA
Mrs Whitehead – HLTA

More information is available for parents in the parents area of the website in the Special Needs and Disabilities section. Here you can find our SEN report, together with information about how specific needs are supported in school.

For any information about Learning Support, please email Miss Brooks on senco@northgate.norfolk.sch.uk