This half term an opportunity became available for male students to attend an informative day, sponsored by the UEA. The aim of the day was to give our students an opportunity to have a more informative and hands on experience with students and fully trained staff within the profession of Health Care. It would show the diverse options of employment within Health Care and the progressive route it offers. The boys were filled with enthusiasm and apprehension about what lay ahead of them for the day.

On arrival at Carrow Road, we were met by our Student Ambassadors who were ready to guide us through the day and importantly ready to assist with any questions we had. They were recognisable in their sky blue UEA shirts. We were then escorted into the Gunn reception area to meet the team of staff from the Health Care environment.

Meeting the Health Care team


After meeting the team we were split into groups wearing our new accessory purple lanyards, to ensure we kept to the tightly controlled carousel of presentations. This was to guarantee we got the most out of the day and the quality time spent with each of the subject matter experts. At this stage we were a little unsure of what lay ahead for us, particularly as we were one of the youngest groups who were participating, the majority of the groups were either Sixth Form or College based students.

The carousel certainly looked interesting as we were lining up and the areas on display were;

  • Nursing and working to support disability in eyesight
  • Life of a Paramedic
  • Life in Surgery and A & E experiences
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Life as a Midwife and experiences in Midwifery
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech Therapy

Meeting the Nurses – working with disabilities

It was just unbelievable to have so many resources at our fingertips alongside the years of experience in the room. It was clear as we went around each station many of the staff went into the roles they have with passion, to help and care for the vulnerable. It was also clear there was a shortfall in a number of areas, particularly for men coming into Health Care. It was certainly interesting to hear from individual stories, people move into roles from their positive experiences working and listening to their colleagues giving them the inspiration they needed and the confidence to fulfil their dreams. This was evident from the message we received on our arrival from a former Bronze Medallist and Paralympian who had the help and care he required to fight his depression and on his way to recovery. 

I do not think there is a day that goes past, we do not hear or see an ambulance on route to deal with an emergency or responding to a call. We were extremely fortunate to have a brief insight of a paramedic explaining a typical incident they may have to deal with. It transforms their role into a detective to understand more about the situation they are faced with. It was obvious to all of us ‘CARE’ plays a massive part in the life of a paramedic.

Meeting the Paramedics

Meeting the Paramedics








The rotations of the carousel just got better and better as we moved around like heartbeats with excitement through the professions available to us.  If we put 100% into our studies to ensure we get the best grades we can to meet the requirements of the NHS and particularly Health Care. It is so hard to believe we are still in High School and the NHS is celebrating 70 years of medical science, hopefully a door opening in what we have seen so far. I am sure at some point in our life we will meet a paramedic on duty, to admire and respect what they are doing.

Our next stand in the rotation was simply mind-blowingly awesome. We met the team from ER/Holby City & Casualty all rolled up in one. This was a fantastic stand with our interaction, with real Doctors and staff and asking questions. They were so complimentary and inspiring as we were getting the answers. This was clearly a group of intelligent men in every role of trauma. These guys had seen it all and done it all; they were just so humble and friendly with it. They were encouraging us into the NHS, certainly not scaring us.

Meeting the Doctors


An area we were not familiar with was Occupational Therapy, not knowing much about this field it was explained to us in great detail. This could be training and assisting patients in their recovery from strokes or illness. They may need support and equipment and exercise to enable them to lead as normal a life, without the difficulties of things, we may take for granted. This could be as simple as eating with standard cutlery adapted for their support.

Meeting the Midwives

Meeting the Midwives









This was an incredible opportunity to meet with both Midwives, one with 22 years of experience and the other (male) just qualified. He was so passionate about the life of a midwife as that is exactly what they do, bringing new life safely into the world. This was something we do not always think about or the different situations they might face with every delivery being different to the next. Their explanation of the role was phenomenal and of course that important word we all hear too often ‘CARE’ and a clear message promoted within the NHS and Health Care, something we have all grown up with and hopefully we will continue to grow with an possibly pursue as a career.

Meeting the Physiotherapists

It was absolutely wonderful to see close up and meet such skilful people, who literally have new life in their hands. It’s not something you consider when you are at school, so it is inspiring to meet such gifted and talented people.

The human body can be subjected to so much as we progress through life. This could be through injury or post operation and require physiotherapy. It was good to have an insight to the role of a Physiotherapist, engaging with rehab exercises.

Matthew, Year 10, who attended said of the day, ‘It gave me a better insight into different roles in health care, in particular some which you would traditionally think of as roles for women eg nurse or midwife.’ Sam commented, ‘The paramedic stand was the best, there was a role play which I took part in too and it was more interactive. The day was beneficial to all of us,’ A big thank you to Mrs Beasley and Mr MacDonald for taking our students.

Northgate’s trauma team