Harry Potter Book Night is a national celebration of the wizarding world and a chance for fans of the series to come together and share their love of the Harry Potter series.

The Learning Hub was transformed to represent various locations from the books including the Dursley’s fireplace (flooded by Owl Post); Platform 9 & 3/4; The Great Hall (complete with floating candles) and four house areas, decorated with the Hogwarts house banners.

Hannah, Year 8, tells us more about the different activities on offer on the night:

On Wednesday 7th February Miss Ling held a Harry Potter night in the Learning Hub for all those wanting to attend.


Firstly, we organised ourselves into houses using the mystic sorting hat. After this we played a game of table top quidditch, there were three hoops and cups on either side, the aim of the game was to score points by either getting the ball in the cup, getting the ball through the hoop or both. The house that won this was Gryffindor (Rowling).

Next we made our own wands, we rolled up paper and used double sided tape and a hot glue gun to hold the ends and create a handle or pattern just like the wands used in the books and films by everyone’s favourite wizards. We then painted them our desired colour, whilst having snacks and either drinking squash or gorgeous butter beer.

Lastly, we hunted for the horcruxes from the books, picking up clues and facing challenges along the way.

The night was extremely fun and was filled with lots of incredible activities- it was a great way to bring the books by J.K.Rowling to life. There was a good show of people which made the night even more enjoyable as we all made new friends, including Hedwig, Harry’s trusty owl and Nagini, the serpent belonging to Lord Voldemort.

You can also read about the event in the local press here:

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