Friday 13th March saw the Maths Department celebrate Pi Day (a day early). Pi Day falls on the 14th March every year due to the first 3 digits in pi – 3.14.

All classes throughout the week were shown a video by David Thomas, recorded especially for Northgate. David broke the Guinness World Record in 1998 for reciting pi to 22,500 digits – amazing! In his message he talked about Northgate’s 5 Rs and how these related to his own career and passing on valuable advice to our students. Thank you, David, for doing this for us!

In Year 7 – 9 lessons on Friday, students took part in pi related activities. 7 Aspire took on an investigation, measuring all sorts of circular items including some outside! They were looking at the relationship between the diameter and circumference. The mini apple pies at the end of the lesson also went down a treat!









7 Valour and 7 Integrity created their own Pi city – colouring blocks depending on the digit value to create a landscape! There were other circle related activities and investigations completed in some of the Year 9 lessons too.







At lunch time students were challenged to recite as many digits as they could in order to win an apple pie. Both Louie’s and Blake’s efforts were absolutely amazing, with Blake even singing his. There were just two digits in it in the end with Blake being victorious. Mrs Beasley presented him with his pie!