Members of our Northgate News Team have decided to find out a bit more about staff at Northgate. Kourtney and new News Team member, Lilly, Year 7, met with Dr Barrett, Head of Geography for a quick chat.

  • We wanted to interview Dr Barrett to find out more about him.
  • Dr Barrett studied at Manchester University to complete his degree and then at Liverpool University for his MA and PhD.
  • We found out that 1999 was the first time he taught in a school. He has been a teacher for 22 years and he first started teaching in Peterborough. However, Dr Barrett hasn’t always been a teacher, he once worked in a university.
  • Dr Barrett loves Geography and the outdoors and thinks that Northgate High School has a good sense of community and nice people.
  • When we asked Dr Barrett what his favourite topic in Geography to teach is, he found it difficult to choose, but eventually settled on the weather.
  • Dr Barrett understandably believes that Geography is one of the most important curriculum lessons!
  • As a child Dr Barrett loved Geography and eventually started sharing his gift and love of the subject with others.
  • Dr Barrett has also taught history in the past, but has always been involved in teaching geography in schools.
  • If he could have any animal as a pet, Dr Barrett decided on a dog. He also likes to do ‘geography related’ things in his free time such as going for walks.

Thank you to Dr Barrett for meeting our reporters and also for the amazing fieldtrips put on for our geography students.