Dr Musgrave joined Northgate in September as part of the Science. One of our Northgate News Team, Daniel, Year 9, thought it was about time we learnt a bit more about him so decided to meet for an interview.

In my interview I met Dr Musgrave who had a previous medical background working in multiple different departments of A&E, surgery, respiration, and other departments. This was all before deciding to pursue a job in teaching.

Why did you go into teaching?

As well as being a doctor I was also a rowing and rugby coach in my own time and in those roles, I was able to show my passion towards teaching.

How did you end up teaching at Northgate?

I was trying to find a school that matched my values and a school reasonably local to me and it just so happened that Northgate had an opening.

What is your favourite topic to teach in science?

My favourite topic to teach is the sports side of biology, where you go over respiration of the lungs, muscle in your arms, triceps and lots more.

Do you have or want any pets?

At this moment I have 10 fish and would quite like a dog of my own. But right now, as a teacher and my wife being a doctor it would be unfair for the dog.

How long does it take to become a doctor?

It took me 5 years at university to get my degree to be a doctor.

Does being a doctor run in your family?

My earliest relative that was in the medical profession was my grandfather who was a doctor. My sister works in the field of medicine, coming up with cures for diseases and finally my wife is also a doctor.

What was your strangest experience when you worked as a doctor?

I was working in General Surgery when a patient with gangrene in their foot attended. In the course of my examination, I was checking the blood supply to the toe, when it snapped off in my hand! This is certainly one of the more strange encounters I had as a doctor. Fortunately, the patient had a sense of humour about the situation (they told me to “keep the tip!”) and I carried on with my examination.

It was an interesting experience interviewing Dr Musgrave who teaches young minds at Northgate High School. Thank you very much for taking the time to meet.

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