Our budding Northgate News Team members Christina and Lily, recently interviewed Miss Bauman who is a member of our English Department. Here’s what she had to say in response to their questions.

Have you ever travelled to any countries other than Canada (Miss Bauman is Canadian)?

Yes, Kenya along with many countries in the Caribbean, Europe and Central America.

Why did you move from Canada here?

There were very few teaching jobs and I wanted to see a different part of the world.

Do people ever ask you why you teach English?


What is your favourite novel to teach?

Lord of flies

What are your hobbies?

Music and drama

Have you taught anything other than English?

Yes, I’ve taught drama before

What is the best thing about being a tutor at Northgate?

Seeing my students grow up.

What is your favourite vegetable?

Red peppers.

What are your phobias?


Are there any books that scare you?

Not scare, necessarily, but thriller novels are always hard to read right before bed because they start to play tricks on your mind.

Thank you to Miss Bauman for taking the time to answer the questions. We look forward to hearing who our News Team decide to interview next.