Members of our Northgate News Team have decided to find out a bit more about staff at Northgate. Jessica and Damien, Year 11, met with Mr Davison, a Cover Supervisor, who is also training to be a retained fire fighter, for a quick chat.

Q1) What is it like working at Northgate High School?

I love the fact that everyday there is always something interesting happening and sometimes children say some really funny things that always make me laugh.

Q2) How long have you been a Cover Supervisor?

I have been a cover supervisor at Northgate for just over two years.

Q3) Have you always been at Northgate?

After 5 years as a former student, I then returned to Northgate aged 18 for work experience within the PE department, which quickly led to becoming a Teaching Assistant in the Learning Support department. After a short year away, I then returned as a Cover Supervisor, a role I have been doing ever since.

Q4) Have you always been a cover teacher?

Not always, in my brief time away from Northgate I used to work within a gym for a while as well as having a job renting cars, but most of my working life has been spent at Northgate.

Q5) Have you got a favourite subject you like to teach?

My favourite subject to teach is PE.

Q6) What has interested you about being a firefighter?

For some reason I never thought about doing it until the opportunity to be a Retained Firefighter was presented to me. I have been around firefighting from a young age and always remember my dad being a firefighter. I was always fascinated by some of the interesting stories he told me when I was growing up. This way I now get to make some of my own stories.

Q7) How long have you been training for?

My training started at the end of September 2022, as there are lots of areas that need to be covered. I will still be in development for the next 2 years while I am learning new information and gaining experience.

Q8) Has it been your dream to be a fire fighter?

When I was really little seeing Fireman Sam on television meant that I wanted toys all to do with being a fireman. I was also lucky enough to visit the fire station a lot when my Dad worked there so I was amazed by some of the cool things I got to see.

Q9) What is your favourite part of being a fire fighter?

The opportunity to help people when they find themselves in trouble and helping to keep the local community as safe as possible is the best part of the job. Closely followed by being able to now work alongside my dad.

A big thank you to Mr Davison for taking the time to meet with Jessica and Damien and answer his questions. We wish him all the best as he continues his training.