Members of our Northgate News Team have decided to find out a bit more about staff at Northgate. With that in mind, our reporters Mirren, Kourtney and Brigita, met with Mr Digby, Teacher of Science, for a quick chat.

Q1) What is it like working at Northgate High School?

It’s really fun!

Q2) How long have you been a teacher?

I have been a teacher for 4 years but I haven’t always worked at Northgate, I worked in a different school.

Q3) Have you ever worked in a different department / subject before?

No, I have always worked in science here in Northgate.

Q4) What is the best subject in school?

Being a science teacher, I would say science is one of the most important curriculum lessons in every school.

Q5) Who is your favourite Scientist?

My favourite scientist is Richard Feynman who was an American physicist. He was great at explaining Physics in everyday language – he said it’s “fun to imagine”….

Q6) Why are you so interested in science?

I was inspired to become a scientist as I have always been interested in science and find it quite fascinating. I always enjoyed science since I was a child and it was my favourite subject growing up. I also enjoy figuring things out.

Q7) What is your favourite part of science to teach?

My favourite part has got to be teaching about space!

Q8) Do you do science experiments in your free time?

Yes I do. I will sometimes practise experiments in my house before I bring them into school just to make sure they work! Right now though, aside from science experiments in school, I’m trying to make a speaker! I should probably ask the Tech department for help though.

Q9) Have you always been a teacher?

No, in previous years before my teaching career I was a research scientist in Antarctica for 2 1/2 years, and then an engineer working in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. I have been working as a scientist for twenty years now.

A big thank you to Mr Digby for taking the time to meet with us and answer our questions.

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