Isla and Florence (two of the Northgate news members) recently went and did an interview with a much-loved teacher, Mr Hester and this is what they found out!

Why did you choose History?

I chose History because I began to find it interesting in my GCSE. I was originally convinced that I wasn’t going to be a teacher but when he went to university I bits of teaching in my degree. At that point, I felt it was the most natural option for me to choose.

Have you had any other jobs in the past?

Oh loads. I first worked in a record store selling classical and a few other types of music. I then left and worked for a furniture shop in Norwich. That actually funded my wedding! I then got married and my wife told me that I should just do what I love to do and so it took me to where I am today, a history teacher.

What trips have you been on?

That’s a good question! I have been to Norwich Castle, France, Belgium and even a medical museum! As well as a few geography trips too!

What is your favourite period of time?

I love them all for different reasons about that time, but I would have to say the 20th century because of how many things actually happened during that time.

Do you have any hobbies?

I have found a real interest in music. I have played piano, saxophone and clarinet. I have also been in a choir for a very long time.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Well, I have two daughters so really it is whatever they want to do. I usually take one of my daughters to her football matches/ practice when she has it’

If you didn’t teach History then what would you teach?

I have taught RE and Geography before and really enjoyed it but it would probably have to be RE that I would teach instead.

Who in history do you idolise?

Pretty much anyone who stood up for what was right like Martin Luther King.

Why Northgate?

Well, I actually worked at a school called Hobart as a Head of Year. I later realised I wanted to be Head of History so I went and looked around this school and really loved it. So many friendly faces that made me feel really welcome. Such an amazing atmosphere. I just knew it was going to be this school

What is your least favourite thing to teach?

I love teaching all of the topics really but I would have to go with the Holocaust. After teaching it so many times, it was interesting, yes, but I began to see how sad it actually was. It’s a really important subject to teach and yes, I want to make sure people know about it, but some of the stories are so tragic it can be difficult – the research can be quite emotional.

A big thank you to Mr Hester for answering these questions and to our roving reporters Isla and Florence for coming up with the questions. We can’t wait to hear who they decide to interview next!