Members of our Northgate News Team have decided to find out a bit more about staff at Northgate. Daniel, Year 8, met with Mr Mottley, in charge of Resistant Materials and KS3 Technology, for a quick chat.

Q1) Does designing run in the family?

Being practical and working with my hands, yes, as my dad was a plumber, however the designing part, no.

Q2) What made you want to go into teaching?

To inspire other pupils to design and make things and to have an impact.

Q3) What is your favourite piece of equipment?

I would have to say the laser cutter because it is quick and makes really well made and professional looking products.

Q4) Do you think students gave enough time in lessons to do their design?

Yes, I think there is plenty of time to go through the design and then making stage.

Q5) What is the aim for the new plastic recycling machine?

Really, it’s to make our school more sustainable and reduce the plastic in school. You’ll be able to use the recycled plastic in other projects.

Q6) Are you thinking of holding any design competition in the near future?

Potentially, yes, because it is always great to see how creative you can be outside of school as well.

Q7) Are you planning any design field trips?

Just for KS4 at the moment due to the current situation.

Q8) During lockdown I found doing practical subjects quite difficult. Are there any resources which can now help with that?

Perhaps in due course because we might have the recycled materials you can work with. You can also ask your teacher if you need help.

A big thank you to Mr Mottley for taking the time to meet with Daniel and answer his questions.

If you want to find out more about the new plastic recycling scheme, purchase with a £10,000 grant from Breckland Council, please speak to Mr Mottley. Everyone can get involved by bringing along their washed and clean plastic (see poster below) and putting in the black recycling bins near the Technology block. We look forward to seeing the recycled plastic being used in future projects.