Members of our Northgate News Team have decided to find out a bit more about staff at Northgate. Emma, Year 10, met with Mrs Rae, who joined the Modern Foreign Languages Department back in January, for a quick chat.

1. Which country are you originally from? 

I am originally from England – based in Norwich.

2. When did you first start to fall in love with French/France?

It started when I was at school. I was taught French in an English school in France, and I enjoyed it a lot then.

3. How long did you live in France for? 

I lived in France for 4 years, came back home, then travelled to the south of France for a year.

4. What were your professions there? 

I finished my degree in the UK, then moved back to France to live in Paris and worked for an Investment Bank.

5. Would you recommend studying a language GCSE and why? 

Definitely! It improves thinking, communication and problem-solving at the same time. It introduces you to other cultures, opens more doors for travelling and living abroad. Also, statistically, in some jobs you will likely not only be put ahead of those who have not studied languages, but you also could be offered a higher salary having a language degree.

6. Where did you get your teaching degree? 

Reading University.

7. Why did you choose to teach at Northgate? 

I currently also teach part time at Reading University, but liked the type of environment Northgate has, with a good ethos of teaching and learning. I also really liked the idea of the learning cycle – I think it’s a great idea.

8. What is your favourite restaurant? 

A restaurant called ‘Benoli’, which is an Italian restaurant in Norwich.

Thank you to Mrs Rae for taking the time to answer these questions. It’s great to find out a bit more about our staff, their teaching backgrounds and why they are so passionate about their subjects.

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