Mrs Warrington-Price joined Northgate in September 2022 as our new Cover Manager. She has the opportunity to get to know lots of our pupils when covering their lessons but how much do they know about her? Setaita from our Northgate News Team decided to interview Mrs Warrington-Price and said she ‘found out some very interesting things about the new member of staff at our school’.

What is your all-time dream job?

I always wanted to become a teacher even as a little kid and I looked up to my reception teacher and so that’s what inspired her to become one.

Do you have any personal hobbies?

I love to read, cook and watch rugby.

Who is your biggest role model, someone you look up to?

I would say it’s my father mostly because he was like me – caring, always making a joke and has probably been a big influence on me.

What is your favourite subject to cover?

I would say Maths because it’s very strategic and logical.

Have you ever lived in or visited a country abroad?

I have lived in Portugal and Germany for some time.

If you didn’t do her current job (Cover Manager) at Northgate, what would you like to do as a job?

I would like to run or own a small tea shop or bakery.

If you could teach just one subject what subject it would be?

I think I would teach society and ethics because it’s always up for interpretation unlike some other subjects like Maths.

If you had to move to a different country, out of the UK where would you move to?

I would move to a rocky part of America somewhere off the grid.

What is your favourite sport to watch or play?

I would say rugby. A long time ago I used to play rugby whilst at university (I found this really cool!)

I’m so glad I got the chance to interview Mrs Warrington-Price and have a lovely chat about rugby and the women’s world cup final.

A big thank you to Setaita for asking the questions and to Mrs Warrington-Price for taking the time to meet her.