At Northgate, we enjoy opening up our school for Year 6s and their parents/carers to come and take a look at everything we have to offer. We are incredibly proud of our school and so are our students.  We had many students who volunteered their evening to either show prospective students round the school or to help in the various subject rooms. Two of our Year 7s have written a blog about their experience of the evening.

First up is Brigita who helped in History:

‘Open evening took place on Thursday 14th October. It was a fun day where between 5.30pm and 8.30pm, some pupils and teachers showed lots of parents and Year 6s around the school so they could learn more about Northgate.

Open evening was a good way to teach potential new students of Northgate and to show them what it’s like to learn here. It’s also great for the parents to ask students and teachers about the school which will help them decide which high school is best for their child.

Many of the classrooms had fun and exciting activities in them and PE even had various sports on display. In History we had a number of displays up. We also had a quiz for the Year 6s to work on and the clues were around the room. There were 8 Northgate helpers on hand and some teachers too. We handed out the quizzes and when they finished them we marked them and gave some stickers!

Around the room there were also newspapers, maps, posters and amazing work of some people and quotes about history from some students. There were also a couple of items from the past, including helmets on display. The Year 6s were kind and easy to talk to.’

Next up is Kourtney, who helped in English:

‘On October 14th I was privileged to be chose to promote Northgate High School for the open evening for the upcoming Year 7s. This was a great experience for myself as I did not get to attend my own open evening due to Covid restrictions and this prevented there from being one. I was most pleased to see a few familiar faces across the halls of the English Department as I worked from the Learning Hub.

I could tell that the Year 6s who came and toured around Northgate were thoroughly enjoying it and thought about the faces I saw that night, I might see again in September. I can clearly remember in my head the day I first started and how excited I was and the thought ran through my head, ‘I am now in high school and what a great high school it is!’

I took my place, dressed in a long cape and white silk dress and nine other students were with me in their costumes. I was content as I could hear the chatter of parents and Year 6s along the corridors as they did a scavenger hunt where props were hidden. Families that visited were looking up and down trying to find things such as Mr McGregor’s’ watering can and Ron Weasley’s rat. Other activities such as shake the jar, guess the book and guess the first quote of the well-known book were found in the Learning Hub.

To those that came, I thank them dearly, because as much of an experience it was for them, it was also for me and others. The joy and pride I had in myself was immense as people came and asked me questions. I hope it was a good night for everyone that came but also staff and students who gave up their time to make it the best evening ever!’