Northgate celebrated last week after being awarded the silver gilt trophy and certificate for their garden in the School’s garden section of the Royal Norfolk Show. For the second year running we have been rewarded for their efforts. The theme for their garden this year was volunteering. We wanted to acknowledge the students and staff who volunteer across a number of areas both within school and outside of school, whether this be as part of the school council, peer mentoring, the school’s buddy system, charity work and community based projects. At Northgate we’re fortunate to have many staff and students who go above and beyond their day to day role in school. The theme also recognised the service and sacrifice of past and present, acknowledging the school’s affiliation with the Royal British Legion.

Months of hard work went into planning, designing and creating the garden with Mr MacDonald, Alternative Provisions Coordinator, inspired by the historical events and significant anniversaries over the last year.

Over the course of the two days at the Royal Norfolk Show, Northgate’s garden was visited by many members of the public, the Countess of Wessex, and dignitaries including Norfolk Show Vice-President Lord Cholmondeley and Lord Dannatt and Lady Dannatt (the first woman to become Lord Lieutenant of Norfolk). Mr MacDonald explained to the Countess of Wessex the theme of the garden, looking towards a bright future. She was particularly impressed with the colours and arrangement of the garden.

School Council members and prefects did a fantastic job representing the school and interacting with the public from all corners of the globe. They were excited to be at such a high profile event and receive the award. The students were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and comments by the public and are now looking to the future and next year’s creation. The judges were blown away with both the students and the garden. The garden will be recreated at the entrance to the school for upcoming Community Day.

Below are some of the comments received by members of the public and a selection of photos of the garden.

‘A beautiful and very moving garden, congratulations.’

‘’Wonderful colours suggesting many different emotions, well done.’

‘Amazing display and so lovely to see the students involved. Such a wonderful tribute.’

‘Wonderful and vibrant! Teaching students the importance of looking back to appreciate the future. Very well done!’

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