Northgate is very fortunate to have a link with Norwich City’s Community Sports Foundation and is able to benefit from all the events and activities they are able to offer. Northgate was one of the first Community Hubs in Norfolk, established in 2013. There are now 11 hubs across the county. The Community Sports Foundation offer provision for schools and the community from free participation events to advanced programmes by invitation only.

Events/activities on offer include:

CSF activities.

      Premier League 4 Sport – netball, handball, basketball and badminton (even glow in the dark sometimes) sessions are available in school. We have coaches come and deliver the sessions to pupils.

      Premier League Girls Football – after school sessions including for 6th Form students, where a coach comes in to work with a train the girls.

CSF activities.




      Evening Kicks programme for children between 8 and 18 years of age. These are free drop in and drop out football sessions.

      Soccer skills centre and Goal Keeping centre sessions for 5 to 12 year olds in the evenings, at a cost.

      Advanced goal keeping and boys football sessions at the player development centre.

      An enterprise programme – 10 week programme linked with citizenship. People from CSF come in to deliver sessions about business to allow pupils to gain a qualification. They attend Carrow Road for a workshop and put on a fundraising initiative, organising, promoting and running it themselves, supervised by the coordinators.

CSF Enterprise programme.

CSF Enterprise programme.









      NCS (mentioned below) – a 4 week programme for Year 111s in the summer after their GCSEs. Costing only £50, this covers 2 residential, food, travel and accommodation. We had approximately 45 pupils take part last year and 30 this year.

So, you can see that Norwich City CSF has a lot to offer both Northgate and the community. If you are interested in taking part in any of these activities, please speak to Mr Emmerson.

Jess Parfitt, has just finished Year 13 at Dereham 6th Form, attended the National Citizen Service programme when she had finished Year 11 and tells us of here:

NCS is an experience not to be missed. It is a chance to embark on exciting challenges and meet new people, all the while building skills for life. Climbing high ropes, banana boating and kayaking were just a few of the outdoor activities I took part in during my residential week. Many of these activities I had not experienced before, so it really was an opportunity to try new things. Each challenge thrown at us was faced as a group, and with building enthusiasm we quickly became a tight knit team. The chance to develop great skills of teamwork, to use in many situations, is one of the greatest benefits of NCS. 

However, there is more to NCS than simply personal benefit, the last two weeks are spent coordinating an event to raise funds for charity. Our group organised a summer fete, with donations being given to the Community Sports Foundation. This social action phase of NCS is the perfect opportunity to give something back to the community and is rewarding to make a difference. It also enhanced my own confidence, communicating with the public and other unfamiliar faces. NCS was a brilliant experience, and is something unique to put on any personal statement. I recommend the experience to anyone looking for a challenge or wishing to try something different. 

Alice Collins, who is currently in Year 13 at Dereham Sixth Form, took part in the National Citizen Service last summer. The National Citizen Service runs in Norfolk for Year 11s/12s and is delivered by Norwich City Community Sports Foundation; providing young people with the opportunity to take part in residential camps and volunteering projects in their local communities. Alice explains what was involved, why she signed up and what she gained from the experience.

Fundraising for the NCS.

‘The sports version of NCS was so good! It was a four week programme where everyone developed new skills and new friendships. This included two weeks of residential and two weeks of a social action programme. The first of the four weeks we went to Portsmouth where we participated in lots of sports activities and team building activities. Some of the activities included rock climbing, swimming (indoor and outdoor pools) and a day at a sailing club! The second week we stayed at Easton College, where we again completed lots of sports activities; we played zorb football (where you have a big inflated bubble around you whilst you play). We also played teams from Tottenham Hotspur for some competitive sports fixtures, in sports such as handball and football. We made use of the facilities at the college and played tennis in the tennis dome, as well as using the astroturf pitch. We also played badminton and basketball, alongside loads of other sports. One of the evenings we had a visitor who was a graffiti artist, he came and taught us how to do graffiti; we all thoroughly enjoyed the evening! Also throughout the second week we had training and information on first aid, which will be very useful in the future! 

In the final two weeks of the programme, we completed our social action programme; this was where we had to plan and complete something to help out in the community. Some of our friends painted fences in local parks, however, the group I was in planned and put on a summer festival for young people; the day involved sports and stalls such as a tombola, a raffle and lots of games; all to raise money for the charity, Nelsons Journey.

NCS Graduation Ceremony.

I signed up for this programme because I’d heard from my friends in older years that it was an unforgettable experience. Also many staff from Norwich City CSF came into school and spoke to us about it; everything they said to us made me want to go even more!! After gaining confidence, communication skills, leadership skills and many new friends from this experience, I really would recommend the NCS sport version, especially if you are into sport (or even a little bit). Over the course of the programme you will learn about yourself and develop so much as a person, teaching yourself things about yourself that you never knew before. Finally, at the end of the four weeks, we attended a graduation at Norwich City Football Club where we were presented with certificates and had a fun night to celebrate the success we had!

Overall, the experience was amazing and I honestly would recommend it to anyone. Also, at the end of the programme you gain UCAS points and the opportunity to become a NCS ambassador, this allows you to do the experience all over again as you are able to talk to people about your own personal experience and encourage them to participate.

Molly Marshall, currently in Year 13 at Dereham Sixth Form also took part in the National Citizen Service, however not the sports version like Alice. She gives us her insight into the four weeks which culminate in some fundraising for charity.

‘In summer 2016 I took part in the NCS experience and gained a lot from it. NCS is supported by charities and organisations and is an excellent way to build not only your CV but your confidence which will go a long way in the next stages of life.

The experience consisted of four weeks of different opportunities. Week one was by far my favourite as it consisted of an array of outdoor activities such as kayaking, raft building, banana boating, rock climbing, tunnelling, need I go on?! I did so many things this first week that I had never done or thought I could do. You also spend this week away from home camping and it is an excellent chance to meet and bond with the people you will later be working closely with.

Week two is also spent away from home but a bit closer, being at Easton College. Luckily this isn’t another camping trip and you are given dorms and beds to sleep in. Although not as exciting as the first week this is an important part of the process and you are taught about charities and fund-raising, all of which became very useful in the last and final stages.

The third week you are allocated a meeting place to plan and prepare how you will raise money for a chosen charity. This will be done in the team you meet during week two so you should all be accustomed to each other by this point. Week three is really where you will get the opportunity to take responsibility as it is down to you and your team to organise these events and venues.  It’s not as daunting as it sounds and you’ll have a lot of useful knowledge after that looks very attractive on a CV.

Week four consists of actually doing the fund-raising and events you organised the week before and it may even be a chance to get family and friends involved by attending or sponsoring. All the money you raise will go towards your chosen charity. So, you’ll actually be giving back to your community and say you had a big part in it.

Finally you have graduation, a night to celebrate all your hard work and achievements throughout the process. 

You don’t have to be a confident, outgoing person to take part in NCS. If you’re not, I feel it’s even more of a reason to sign up as it could really help you get out of your comfort zone and realise your potential. I advise any Year 11 to take this opportunity and really take from it what you can! ‘

So, from these three accounts, I hope you can agree the National Citizen Service has a huge amount to offer our students. If you would like more information about the NCS, please contact Mr Emmerson, our Community Sports Coordinator on