Friday 1st February saw the whole of Year 7 come together for the annual Number Day activities. Earlier in the half term Miss Theobald from the Maths department spoke to Year 7 in an assembly about the important work that the NSPCC and Childline do. She showed the video below which explains a little what happens when someone rings Childline.

Over the last 10 years of Northgate taking part in Number Day, Year 7s have managed to raise over £2800 to contribute to the continued work of the NSPCC and Childline. There were 3 activities open to the Year 7s. Firstly everyone gathered in the main hall and as it was a cold day, took part in some number aerobics. It was certainly a sight to behold. Everyone, including the teachers, raising their arms and legs for particular numbers whilst counting in certain ways. It really was getting both the brain and the body warmed up. The main activity was a quiz. Not only were students competing for their House Teams to earn valuable points for the House Competition but they were also competiting against others in their teaching groups to win a prize. There were certainly some tricky questions however determination took over. The final part of the session involved students creating real life graphs. They were all given a coordinate and created a coordinate grid in the way they were sat. Miss Theobald displayed instructions such as ‘stand up if your x coordinate is 2’, ‘stand up if your y coordinate is -3’ and so on. Students were able to see that they were creating vertical and horizontal lines and impressed with the language they used such as parallel. It gave them an opportunity to start to discover more about straight line graphs, a topic they will develop later in their Maths curriculum.

Year 7s also had the chance over the week to take part in a teacher quiz. 25 teachers had numbers written on their doors, it was a bit like a treasure hunt. They had various questions to answer including ‘what is the sum of the Maths teachers?’, ‘which teachers are square numbers?’, ‘which teacher is the smallest prime number?’ and so on.

Deep in concentration for the main quiz

Finally it was the fiercely contested tutor group quiz with tutor groups competing against others in their year group. There are certainly some very competitive tutors out there however we can reveal the winners are as follows:

Year 7: 7AS

Year 8: 8VE

Year 9: 9CMY

Year 10: 10SO

Year 11: 11JLL

Congratulations also to the following Year 7s who won the main quiz in their teaching groups – 7Aspire: Milo, 7Tenacity: Dexter, 7Endeavour: Zach and Niall and 7Courage: Logan. Winners were presented with a WHSmith voucher and chocolates in their celebration assembly.

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Creating straight line graphs

Creating straight line graphs