Some of our new Year 7s have joined the Northgate News Team. They wanted to share their experiences of the first half term at Northgate with the school community. Here, each of them tells you what it has been like.


‘My first half term at Northgate has been fantastic! Everyone has been so kind and welcoming. I felt right at home as soon as I had had my first week. I have joined several new clubs, such as creative writing, Fitness Friday, Dance and Drama. My favourite subject just has to be English. Both of my teachers are so kind and helpful and Refugee Boy which we are studying is great. The Library and Mrs Harris’ Dance Studio are my favourite places, they are both amazing spaces to be in.’

‘I’ve enjoyed using the cafeteria at break time. So far, I have sampled a slice of pizza, a jam doughnut, a slice of lemon drizzle cake, another slice of pizza, and a biscuit. All of which have been delicious!’

‘I can’t wait to experience the rest of this term, sign up to more clubs and write more articles as part of the Northgate News Team!’


‘I have been at Northgate for 2 months now as a Year 7! The first day of high school was very scary. I could barely get out of bed and eat breakfast, I was overloaded with never ending questions and worries like being lonely, getting lost (considering how big the school is) or being called on an answer I did not understand. Now, after two months I have realised that I was stressing over nothing! There are so many opportunities and students that are willing to help or be your friend. It has only been two months but it feels like I have been here forever. I am now part of the School Council and I’m hoping to become a Student Librarian. All of this proves how amazing Northgate High School is!’


‘My first half term at Northgate was great. At first, I thought it was going to be difficult because I would get lost and I would have no friends. But that didn’t happen at all. All the teachers were really nice and willing to help out. So were the other older children when a teacher wasn’t around and I was lost, but they came up to me and asked if I was ok and I replied I was lost and they helped me out. Once you are at Northgate for a few weeks you will just be like any other student. All the Year 7 children who I had no idea who they were when I started, are now some of the most reliable people I know. Even if you don’t know who anyone is then don’t give up hope. There are also loads of clubs to join. I’m now part of the school’s netball team because I joined the club and stuck with it. You will do fantastic things at Northgate. At first, I didn’t want to join the School Council but I signed up anyway and now I’m part of the Northgate News Team and the bigger part of the School Council. I’m part of the Northgate team and I’m proud!’


‘My name is Anna and after having my first half term at Northgate I feel like I have overcome one of my biggest fears – starting high school. My first two weeks was enough to have settled in and I was completely fine. Soon after starting, I realised I had grown out of primary school and after 7 years of going there it was definitely time to change. Knowing that everyone was in the same situation as me, it made my transition a lot easier. Everyone has been very welcoming and supportive meaning I am very happy with my choice of school.’

‘My first 7 weeks have passed very quickly as I have had a lot of fun. It is worth coming to school each day telling myself I will learn something new and I will get rewarded for my hard work and efforts.’