As part of British Science Week, we are running a poster competition for years 7-9. The theme for the poster is: Exploration and Discovery. Your poster design can be about anything involving exploration and discovery.


  • Entries must be 2D and submitted on one side of A4 or A3 paper only.
  • Work must be original and created by the student
  • Posters must include the following information (entrant details can be on the back of the poster):
    • entrant name (all names if a team) and entrant age (all ages if a team)
    • entrant year group


The five best posters will be sent to the British Science Association and a panel of judges will select a winner out of all the UK entries. The two runners up will be uploaded to their Facebook page and the public will decide on a fifth ‘popular vote’ winner.

The winner will win a selection of exciting STEM related hands-on activities and books. These may include AugmentifyIt augmented reality playing cards, experiments from John Adams or amazing Spy Kits from Project Mc2. Books and magazines in this year’s prizes may include Mister Sea Horse Little Miss Inventor, Science and Stuff, James’ Giant Bug Book and the latest OKIDO magazine. Runners up will each receive a book or magazine.

Please hand your poster entries to Miss Simms by Friday 23rd March. You can get some inspiration from the Guinness World Records here.