Tuesday 9th July saw Mrs Smith, Mrs Clay and Miss Titchen joined by students from Toftwood Junior School and Garvestone Primary School to take part in our first Mathematical Measurement day. The day was designed to build understanding of place value and measurement in a fun and competitive environment.

The students were split into learning partners and each pair of students was supported by Year 9 helpers: Maisie, Jen, Oscar, Emma, Jack and Evan.

The first task was called ‘Measurement Olympics’. The students performed different tasks like throwing cotton wool balls, flicking straws and rolling bottle tops. They then had to estimate the length of their throw using only string to help them and they were surprisingly accurate.

Now they had a good grasp for how long a metre actually was, they could apply this to estimating the perimeter of the learning hub. Jack came up with a great idea to help us and demonstrated a one metre stride. The students then strode around the room trying to estimate the length and width. After much communication in their pairs they came up with their best estimate. It was very close but a pair from Toftwood won this round by a centimetre.

The competition was now in full flow and time for Mrs Clay’s measurement quiz. Could the students select the correct unit of measurement to measure the Eiffel Tower or how much water in bath? Did they know how long it takes to run a marathon? Garvestone and Toftwood both showed that they had mastered measurement and it was a high scoring round.

Thankfully, the sun was now out and so off to the ELF we went to start our Scavenger hunt. Students raced around taking photos of animals less than 30cm, measuring leaves, making shapes out of sticks, weighing pinecones to name a few of the tasks.  It was great fun and it was good to do some outside learning.


The day was now over and Miss Titchen added up the scores of all four rounds and by exactly one point Evan and Hayden from Garvestone were crowned our measurement champions, well done!

A big thank you to the Primary schools for allowing their students out for the day and to our Year 9 helpers who did an amazing job.  We look forward to working with the Primary schools again in the future.

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