Rewards and the School Council

At Northgate, we run a rewards scheme, put together by the School Council, which allows students to cash in merits received.

Merits can be awarded by staff for a variety of reasons including effort in class, smart uniform, representing the school and being a good Northgate citizen.

Students then have the opportunity to exchange their merits for a reward. There are a large variety of rewards on offer, including stationery, art equipment and Café North vouchers.  The 2023-24 Rewards Catalogue can be viewed below. 

All students have the opportunity to become a member of our School Council, and work with staff to make Northgate the best that it can be.

There are 4 School Council Teams which meet on a fortnightly basis:

  • Social Team
  • Well-Being Team
  • Environment Team
  • Northgate News

Members of our School Council have been involved in a number of special projects over the last few years, including recycling schemes and fundraising days.