School Uniform

Standard School Uniform

The Northgate High School uniform consists of:

Black trousers (No jeans/jeggings/leggings/cords or tight fitting trousers).

Skirts can be worn instead of trousers but they must be plain black pencil skirts with the Northgate logo embroidered onto them. No other skirt will be accepted.

White Shirt with school tie.

Black Blazer with school badge (worn by all years all the time)

Black school shoes only. No canvas, converse, plimsol or trainers (including Vans) are allowed.

Summer Uniform

In the summer term, pupils are given the option of wearing summer uniform. A polo shirt can be worn in place of the white shirt and tie but a school blazer must be worn over the polo shirt. Only the official Northgate polo shirt is permissible.

Clothing Suppliers

All school uniform, PE clothing and equipment can be obtained from Birds Clothing online, or at the Warehouse, Unit D, 13 Yaxham Road, Dereham, NR19 1HB.

  • A bag/case for books and a sports bag for PE/Games kit are recommended.
  • All pupils’ garments, including PE/Games equipment, should be clearly marked with the pupil’s name.
  • PE training shoes must not have black soles as these mark the floor of the Sports Hall.
  • Students are required to wear white socks if red games socks are unavailable (e.g. in the wash).
  • A workshop apron is recommended to safeguard basic clothing. This can be leased from the school.
  • Food technology aprons can be leased from the school.
  • Any style of hair that is neat and of one natural colour is acceptable. Please do not allow your child to come to school with an extreme hairstyle which sets him or her apart from the majority.
  • No make-up is allowed in Years 7-9. Girls in Years 10 and 11 may wear discreet make-up. No nail polish or fake nails are allowed in school.
  • All electronic device use is not permitted in school. This includes but not limited to mobile phones, ear phones, bluetooth speakers etc.
  • Mobile phones, if brought to school, should be handed in to Student Services during the day. The school takes no responsibility for any damage to equipment brought in by pupils.
  • The only jewellery allowed is one pair of small sleepers or stud earrings and a plain signet ring on each hand. No other piercings are permitted, for example nose, tongue, lip and eyebrow piercings are not allowed. This includes any plastic retainers. Jewellery may have to be removed in some lessons for safety reasons.
  • Large or obtrusive belt buckles are not permitted.
  • Hooded tops (zipped or otherwise) of the type that are often referred to as ‘hoodies’ are not part of the uniform and should not be worn in school.
  • No visible tattoos are permitted.

Our insistence on smartness and pride in personal appearance is as much part of school policy as the academic curriculum. As school uniform has to last for some time, please do not buy fashion garments; only plain, simple styles are suitable. Every member of the school is expected to wear school uniform during their time with us, including school visits, unless pupils are advised otherwise.

It is hoped that all pupils will be happy and successful whilst at our school and will wear their uniform with pride. The uniform is much admired by visitors and it is encouraging to note that parents fully support our policy over school clothing.

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