[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The 9th annual Sports Awards Evening at Northgate took place on Thursday 20th June, where 140 sporting pupils from years 9, 10 & 11 congregated to see who would come away with the various awards on offer.  The evening was compered by Mr Lea, who contributed to the light-hearted atmosphere enjoyed by all.  This was complimented by a series of Raspberry Awards given to those pupils who have had made a name for themselves throughout the year for non-sporting reasons.

Junior and Senior colours were given out to pupils who have shown commitment to the teams over the year and Most Valuable Performer trophies were given to those pupils who stood out in the 8 sporting categories.  Most Improved Pupil awards were given to those performers who showed the greatest progress in ability or attitude over the year.  Congratulations to Abbie Dennis, Daniel Hinde and Myles Brown who picked up these awards.  Pupils were also treated to a presentation from former Northgate, DESA student and former winner of the Lewis Hendry Shield, Kuda Nhiwatiwa, who spoke brilliantly about his pathway to studying and playing football at Wesleyan Tennessee University in the USA.

Most improved – Abbie (Year 9)

Most improved – Daniel (Year 10)












Notable winners from the evening included Ewan Baldwin, who won the Sports Scholar Award, Aston Robson, who won the Dani Nimmock Perseverance Award,  and the teams of the year for the varying year groups; Year 9 Rugby, Year 10 Rounders and Year 11 Football.

Sports Scholar Award – Ewan (Year 11)

Dani Nimmock Perseverance Award – Aston (Year 9)













The big awards for the night were the Outstanding Sports Achievement and Lewis Hendry Commitment to Northgate Sport.  Both honours had lots of deserved nominations, making being the winner an even more special achievement.  The Outstanding Sporting Achievement was won by Joe Crane who has taken his golfing skills onto new heights, beating off close competition from swimmers and triathletes to name a few.  The winner of the Lewis Hendry Shield was Willow Franks for her continued commitment to helping the PE department over the years she has been at Northgate.  Other nominees George Boswell, Jay Brewster and Katie Ballingall were unlucky to miss out.

Outstanding Sporting Achievement Award – Joe (Year 11)

Lewis Hendry Shield – Willow (Year 11)

Nominees George, Jay and Katie, alongside winner Willow.






















Winners Joe and Willow alongside former Northgate student and guest speaker Kuda


Most Valuable Performer Winners;

Boys Football:  Marcelo Ramos

Rugby;  Barney Smith

Netball;  Kathryn Mason

Hockey;  Skye Forrester-Wiseman

Boys Cricket;   Josh Watts

Girls Cricket;   Ebony Palmer

Rounders;   Bryony Williams

Handball;   Kathryn Mason

A big well done to all the nominees and winners. We’re looking forward to another great sporting year at Northgate for 2019-2020.


Pictures of all the winners can be seen in the slideshow below:


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