Mrs Green in the PE Department explains what the Sports Leadership course is all about. In Year 10 pupils get invited to complete a Sports Leadership Level 1 course which they are able to gain a qualification in. They complete it in one of their fortnightly core PE lessons. It involves a small amount of coursework and towards the end of the course they get the opportunity to go into local Primary Schools to put their newly acquired skills into practice. It is a real confidence builder and a great opportunity to show their leadership skills, working with Primary School pupils, sometimes helping to run their sports days. There are around 55 pupils taking part in the programme this year.

Rosie Hindle is one of the Sports Leaders and tells us about one of her visits:

King’s Park Infant Sports Day.

‘On the 20th June a group of Year 10 Sports Leaders went to King’s Park Infant School to help run their sports day. It was a good and fun opportunity as we were able to experience what it was like to lead a young audience in sporting activities, using the knowledge and skills we have gained over the course. It was a great day as we got to teach young children different skills like dribbling and throwing and they were able to take part in a fun, traditional sports day competition, even letting the Sports Leaders join in – the boys sprinting and the girls doing an egg and spoon race! Overall it was a really good experience and I can’t wait to do it again!’

Grove House Infant Sports Day.

Grove House Infant Sports Day.

North Elmham Sports Day.

Toftwood Infant Sports Day.