We previously told of a STEM competition that Year 7s took part in on Wednesday 3rd April (you can see the blog here). The top three teams then took part in another competition the next day. Bonnie, a member of one of the teams tells us about the competition.

‘Following on from the previous day of STEM, 9 lucky Year 7 students went to the Royal Hospital School in Ipswich. Again, we had to build a rocket car in our teams and race them. After a long journey we arrived safely and took in the incredible views of the River Stour. The three teams set off on making their new and improved cars; constantly thinking about aerodynamics and drag. After some hard work from our three teams and all other schools competing it was time to race them. Although it was a shame none of our cars made it to the next round, it was fun trying and watching everyone else race their cars.’

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